2023-2024 Timetable

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First semester

TESS Events and Holidays

Compulsory Course

CC1 ● Core Course 1

Compulsory Course

CC3 ● Core Course 3

Interdisciplinary Options

SW ● Space Weather

EXO ● Exoplanets

GSE ● Global survey of Earth and planetary crusts, surfaces and resources

TWC ● The Water Cycle

CPMP ● Contaminants, pollution and man-made perturbations

Second semester

TESS Events and Holidays

Compulsory Course

CC2 ● Core Course 2

Interdiciplinary Options

SG ● Space Geodesy

CCC ● Continental Carbon Cycle

MEF ● Monitoring Ecosystem Functioning and Dynamics

ANM ● Advanced Numerical Modelling

Observation Oriented Projects

PDM ● Monitoring the Transient Sky at the Pic du Midi

AD ● Intensive Observation of Atmosphere Dynamics

LSC ● Combining Satellite and In Situ Observations and Modelling for the Study of Land-Sea Continuum

MCS ● In situ and Remote Sensors for Monitoring Continental Surfaces

LEX ● Laboratory Experiments (Fluid Dynamics)