TESS Booster

In order to encourage doctoral students to develop a world-class scientific project during their thesis, the TESS programme offers financial support known as a Booster. A lump sum of up to €10 000 is awarded to a limited number of projects to contribute towards the costs of data acquisition (fieldwork, analysis, calculations, etc.) and equipment, etc. The funds are to be used to further develop a particular aspect of the thesis, increasing the visibility of the doctoral student and encouraging international recognition. Excellent students registered in the first year of their PhD at TESS member laboratories are encouraged to apply.

2024 Application Schedule

  • Applications open: 17 November 2023
  • Deadline for applications: 17 January 2024
  • Publishing of results: The week of 12 February 2024

Aim: To help doctoral students to present a world-class scientific project during their thesis by further developing a particular aspect of their thesis, thereby increasing visibility of both the doctoral student and the TESS programme abroad.

Context: Overseen by the University of Toulouse, the Toulouse Graduate School of Earth and Space Science (TESS) aims to be an international reference, training the next generation of scientists committed to the monitoring and management of global change or to major international astrophysics projects. Major research activities of the TESS consortium focus on:

1) Exploring our place in the universe,
2) Monitoring and understanding the Earth,
3) Forecasting and predicting future behaviour,
4) Addressing challenges related to natural resources and the environment.

The SDU2E Doctoral School covers these subject areas and doctoral students play a crucial role in the programme.

Maximum funding available: €10 000 per doctoral student to be used over the three years of the doctoral programme. The amount allocated to each student is at the sole discretion of the selection committee and funding may be used to purchase equipment, for international mobility or for other well-justified needs.

Selection criteria:

  • Applicants must be registered as first- or second-year doctoral students for the 2023-2024 academic year at one of the TESS member laboratories
  • The research topic must be in line with the principal research areas of the TESS programme as listed above
  • In the case of a cotutelle or international co-supervision of the thesis, more than 50% of the duration of the PhD must be spent in laboratories in Toulouse.

Expected structure of the application: The application contains two parts as indicated below. Kindly note that incomplete applications will not be considered.

  • Firstly, applicants are to complete the online application form
  • Secondly, applicants are to submit a single pdf signed by the doctoral student, thesis supervisor and the director of their research laboratory here 

    The pdf should include:
    • The CV of the applicant
    • A brief description of the thesis project (1 page)
    • A detailed description of the impact of the TESS Booster Grant on the doctoral project (1 page). Applicants should describe how their project is consistent with the objectives of TESS and argue how the grant will add value to their PhD project.
    • The amount and outline of funding requested. Please also stipulate if you have applied for co-funding elsewhere and whether or not the additional funding has been received.

The application should be written by the doctoral student and overseen by the thesis supervisor(s). While English is preferred, clarity of the project is essential and as such French applications will not be penalised.

Evaluation: The selection committee will pay particular attention to the following aspects:

  • Structure and scientific objectives of the thesis project
  • Added value expected as a result of TESS funding
  • International impact of the project
  • Multidisciplinary nature of the project
  • Justification of the funds requested

Payment:  Students will be in direct contact with the financial department of the Observatoire Midi-Pyrénées for management of the allocated funds.

Communication: TESS reserves the right to carry out any promotional activities related to the grant and its beneficiaries. The beneficiaries agree to participate in any communication and promotional activities related to the grant at the request of the Graduate School.

2023 “Booster” Results

Of the 19 applications received, the TESS council approved funding for 16 doctoral students with grants ranging from €3 500 to €7 300. Name Laboratory Thesis title ANDRIEUXMarie LEGOS Mixing of tracers by turbulence generated in stratified shear flows BLONDETIsalyne GET Development and application of new in situ Hg compound specific preconcentration devices to explore […]

2022 “Booster” Results

Of the 12 applications received, the TESS council approved funding for 10 doctoral students with grants ranging from €3 500 to €10 000. Name Laboratory Thesis title ALEAUKillian ONERA Development of a supercontinuum scatterometer for the spectro-polarimetric characterization of aerosols: application to the lidar inversion problem AL-KHOURYIbrahim GET Semi-conceptual spatialized modeling of surface – underground […]

2021 “Booster” Results

Of the 19 applications received, the TESS council approved funding for 10 doctoral students with grants ranging from €3 000 to €10 000. Name Laboratory Thesis title BENDINGERArne LEGOS SWOT observability of internal tides and eddies interactions around New Caledonia BENICHEMargot LEGOS Nonlinearities in the atmospheric response to El Niño: Idealisedstatistical and dynamical modelling GAUBERTThierry […]