Toulouse Graduate School of Earth and Space Science

What is a French Graduate School (EUR)?

Based on the internationally-recognised format of Graduate Schools, the French Ecoles Universitaires de Recherche (EUR) bring together both higher education institutions and research structures. They have a clear international component and benefit from strong ties with economic stakeholders.

The TESS Graduate School combines masters and doctoral programmes from the University of Toulouse III Paul Sabatier as well as several high calibre research laboratories. Supported by the French National Research Agency (ANR), TESS offers opportunities for a master-doctorate-employment continuum to the best foreign and local students alike.

What is TESS, specifically?

The Toulouse Graduate School of Earth and Space Science (TESS) aims to train the next generation of scientists on the front-­line dealing with the monitoring and management of global change. It draws its strength from one of the largest concentrations of people working in this field in Europe, a world-renowned talent hub.

The programme emphasises “learning by doing” through the use of innovative teaching methods. Incoming and outgoing mobility grants are available to encourage international partnerships and allow students to seek research internships abroad. Classes are presented in English to increase accessibility for foreign students.

What do our
students say?

“Ce programme est très formateur et donne de bonnes opportunités pour les études !”
– M1 SUTS student

“Affording monetary help for internships abroad is great, and helps us get incredible opportunities.”
– M1 STPE student

“J’ai beaucoup appris, j’ai adoré pouvoir suivre des options que je n’aurais pas étudiées avec ma formation initiale.”
– M2 SOAC student

“Je trouve le programme TESS très intéressant de part son interdisciplinarité.”
– M1 SOAC student

“The experiences abroad allow us to create a solid network and to enrich the PhD from a technical and professional point of view.”
– SDU2E doctoral student

Our dedicated fields of

Monitoring and understanding the Earth

Exploring our place in the Universe

Addressing challenges of natural resources and the environment

Forecasting and predicting future behaviour

of TESS’ disciplines feature in the TOP50
of the Shanghai Rankings

12 research laboratories
involved in TESS

10 partner institutions
support TESS

a network of more than
25 institutions abroad

Master’s programme

Four Master’s Degree programmes offered by Paul Sabatier University currently participate in the TESS masters programme through some of their specialisation streams. The TESS programme is an advanced course for selected students common to these four Masters that aims to offer attractive career opportunities to the best students in the fields of Earth and Space […]

Doctoral programme

The SDU2E Doctoral School “Sciences de l’Univers, de l’Environnement et de l’Espace” perfectly covers the disciplines of TESS. The doctoral school awards approximately 85 PhDs per year. All doctoral students of the TESS programme are registered with this doctoral school whose role is to guide students throughout their PhD, organising additional training and ensuring that […]

TESS Booster

In order to encourage doctoral students to develop a world-class scientific project during their thesis, the TESS programme offers financial support known as a Booster. A lump sum of up to €10 000 is awarded to a limited number of projects to contribute towards the costs of data acquisition (fieldwork, analysis, calculations, etc.) and equipment, […]

TESS Mobility

The TESS international mobility scheme is open to all doctoral students registered for a PhD at one of the TESS member laboratories. These projects must be considered as a scientific bonus for the students during their thesis, with the aim of strengthening the TESS programme’s international visibility and broadening partnerships with local research laboratories in […]