Boards and Committees

Executive Board

The executive board determines the resources allocated to each of the programme’s activities and develops the mid-term strategy. Details regarding international relations, collaboration with private sector stakeholders and future prospects are presented in an annual report prepared by the Graduate School Coordinator. The executive board meets once a year and consists of:

  • the Graduate School Coordinator
  • the President of the Federal University of Toulouse
  • the Chair of the TESS Council
  • representatives of the CNRS, IRD, CNES, Météo France
  • two external (foreign) experts selected for their international renown

TESS Council

The TESS Council is the workhorse of the Graduate School. It organises and evaluates the allocation of funding for the various programmes. The TESS Council may set up sub-committees to deal with specific issues as the need arises. The teaching sub-committee is however permanent. The Council meets at least 3 times per year and is made up as follows:

  • Representing research: the Graduate School Coordinator; the directors of research laboratories involved
  • Representing teaching and doctoral studies: heads of the masters programmes; representatives of the Engineering Schools; director of the SDU2E Doctoral School; heads of the relevant UPS faculties
  • Representing the 4 themes of the Graduate School: 8 elected memebers
  • Representing academia: 4 appointed external members
  • Representing the private sector: 4 appointed external members

Steering committee

The steering committee ensures the day-to-day running of the Graduate School. It prepares the TESS Council meetings, identifies problems and ensures the implementation of the mid-term strategy as defined by the Executive Board. The steering committee meets once a month and includes:

  • the Graduate School Coordinator
  • the two Associate Coordinators
  • the Chair of the TESS Council
  • the administrative manager

Teaching sub-committee

This sub-committee defines programme content, making new recommendations each year based on past experience. It also filters applications for incoming mobility. The committe meets 3 to 4 times a year and is made up of:

  • the heads of the masters and M2 specialisation streams (~15 people)
  • five non-faculty members of the TESS Council