Reinforced Research Internship

Reinforced Research Internship

Each of the four participating Master’s programmes require students to complete one or several research internships during their master’s degree.

TESS students are required to complete an extra internship of at least one month (in addition to what is expected for their master’s programme) in order to receive the additional 6 ECTS for TESS. Students are free to choose when they would like to arrange their internship, from semester 7 to 10 of the master’s degree.

Students are encouraged to seek internship opportunities abroad with the support of our many international partner institutions.

Each student will receive 900€ per month for their TESS internship up to a maximum of two months. Bursaries for international mobility are also available for students who wish to complete their internship abroad.

Kindly note that according to current legislation, the maximum duration of internships is limited to 6 months per host insitution per academic year.