Going Abroad Grant

Aim: To allow TESS master’s students to complete an internship abroad by contributing to travel costs.

Maximum funding available: €5 000 per student

Selection criteria:

  • Students must be registered in the first or second year of the TESS master’s programme
  • Students may only receive the grant once during the TESS masters programme, either during their first or second year of study
  • The bursary may be requested for the TESS Reinforced Internship or for the master’s internship
  • Only internships taking place abroad are eligible
  • The amount of each bursary is determined by the steering committee and takes into account the location of the internship, duration of stay etc.

Expected structure of the application: A written request (maximum 2 pages) signed by the internship tutor is to be sent to tess_internship@obs-mip.fr before the internship. The request should include the following information:

  • Internship project OR the aim of the trip and how it relates to the internship topic
  • Duration, expected dates and host/partner information (laboratory/university, contacts…)
  • Added value that the trip will present for the internship
  • Estimated financial needs (and, if relevant, alternative funding that the project may benefit from)

Payment: Determined on a case by case basis according to the internship dates and upon reception of the signed internship agreement.

Communication: TESS reserves the right to carry out any promotional activities related to the grant and its beneficiaries. The beneficiaries agree to participate in any communication and promotional activities related to the grant at the request of the Graduate School.