Doctoral programme

The SDU2E Doctoral SchoolSciences de l’Univers, de l’Environnement et de l’Espace” perfectly covers the disciplines of TESS. The doctoral school awards approximately 85 PhDs per year.

All doctoral students of the TESS programme are registered with this doctoral school whose role is to guide students throughout their PhD, organising additional training and ensuring that the PhD takes place under the best conditions possible.

Funding guaranteed for the best doctoral students

Each year, between 4 and 10 doctoral students will be granted additional funding of up to €10 000 for the duration of their PhD. The TESS Booster initiative seeks to strengthen research possibilities for the best students. Applications open at the beginning of each year.

TESS Booster

In order to encourage doctoral students to develop a world-class scientific project during their thesis, the TESS programme offers financial support known as a Booster. A lump sum of up to €10 000 is awarded to a limited number of projects to contribute towards the costs of data acquisition (fieldwork, analysis, calculations, etc.) and equipment, […]

Funding for international mobility is also available to encourage the best students to broaden the scope of their thesis by collaborating with research institutions abroad. Applicants for the TESS Mobility initiative are expected to spend at least two months at the partner institution in order to build meaningful partnerships.

TESS Mobility

The TESS international mobility scheme is open to all doctoral students registered for a PhD at one of the TESS member laboratories. These projects must be considered as a scientific bonus for the students during their thesis, with the aim of strengthening the TESS programme’s international visibility and broadening partnerships with local research laboratories in […]

Access to TESS courses and summer schools

Students following the TESS master’s programme attend a variety of additional courses. The interdisciplinary options are open to all doctoral students, forming part of their scientific training as required by the SDU2E Doctoral School. For more information and to register, kindly contact

TESS organises a summer school with a new theme each year as determined by the council. Doctoral students are encouraged to attend at least one of these summer schools over the three years of their PhD.

Interdisciplinary Options

The interdisciplinary options seek to broaden students’ scientific knowledge. Each student will select three modules of 26 hours each from among the ten options available. The selected modules run over three consecutive semesters for a total of 9 ECTS. These modules are also available to doctoral students of the SDU2E Doctoral School. Below is a […]

Competitve exam for doctoral contracts

Each year the SDU2E Doctoral School organises a competitve exam for the awarding of doctoral contracts with funding provided by the university. Appoximately 20 contracts are available each year and two of these are reserved for TESS.

The doctoral school appoints a committee in charge of organising the awarding of doctoral contracts according to the topics submitted by research laboratories and the applications received. An initial selection phase is carried out based on written applications. Applicants who pass the first round are invited to do an oral presentation before the committee. After these interviews, the committee proposes a list of candidates to receive funding for a doctoral contract and a secondary list is drawn up to account for potential withdrawals.

The list of thesis topics is available on the doctoral school’s website below.