Results of the TESS-Booster programme 2021

Among the 19 applications received, the TESS Coucil decided to fund 10 PhD students with an allocation ranging from 3 to 10 k€. The list of succesfull PhD students is given below.

NAMEFirst nameLaboratoryTitle of the thesis
BENDINGERArneLEGOSSWOT observability of internal tides and eddies interactions around New Caledonia
BENICHEMargotLEGOSNonlinearities in the atmospheric response to El Niño: Idealisedstatistical and dynamical modelling
GAUBERTThierryONERAMonitoring of species traits for dense temperate forests in the framework of future spatial hyperspectral missions
GRAVALONThéoGETCoastal evolution monitoring by GNSS reflectometry.
HOSSEINZADEHAtiyehIMFTModelling of sediment fluxes during flash floods for risk management purpose and restoration of ecological continuity
LEONMorganeLEGOSStudy of the radium isotopes along GEOTRACES oceanic sections
MUCKENSTURMNoéGETThe deformation of the mantle-crust transition: The Andean chain case
ORTETJulietteCESBIOObservations of soil surface temperatures over the whole Arctic permafrost area using remote sensing
OUMAMISafaeCNRMImpact of a climate at + 2°C on emissions of volatile biogenic compounds and on air quality
PATINOWilliamONERAShort frequency comb LIDAR for atmospheric CO2 remote sensing