Interdisciplinary courses

Specialized courses on subjects on the frontier between several Master’s courses are offered. The aim is to enable students to broaden their training with opening subjects. Each student will have to choose 3 courses from the proposed list. Each course is preferably associated with a Master’s degree (“Major”) and accessible to at least one other degree (“Minor”). All courses are tought in English.

Interdisciplinary optionsMajorMinor
Space weather : origins, measurements and forcastingSUTSSOAC
Exoplanets : Finding extrasolar planets and putting the Earth in galactic contextSUTSSTPE
Planetary crusts and their resources : growth, differentiation and elemental compositionSTPESUTS
The carbon cycle : sources, sinks and transport of carbon on geological and human time-scaleSTPEBEE
Sensing changes of the Earth system with space geodesySOACSUTS
The continental water cycle (rainfall, hydrology, cryosphere): multisource observationsSOACBEE
Contaminants, pollution and man-made perturbations : production, dispersion and ecological impactsBEESOAC
Human impacted river-coastal-ocean-atmosphere continuumSOACSTPE
Monitoring the functioning and dynamics of ecosystems using space-based and in situ methodsBEESTPE